A funny thing happened…

So as you may have read I am working on getting some Ork figs to build a new army.

Now I used to have a considerable number of Ork figs (including more Flakwagons than I knew what to do with) and I traded quite a number of them away to some local gamers to help them expand their own Ork armies or start new ones. I still had quite a lot of figs left but mostly of the type useful in a Feral Ork army…lots of Boyz, some old Squiggoths and some Flakwagons that could be used as Trukks.

So plans unfolded that required me to build up an army that had a large number of Gargants, War Engines and other Ork units that I didn’t have a lot of. So I cast about to see who had some figures to trade and wouldn’t you know if…I managed to get back all the Gargants I traded almost a year ago.

Even Epic gamers recycle.