OGBM Army Designers Diary: Part 1

Being a lesson in watching what you ask for

This all started with a comment on my part that I would like to help Jervis with the new Epic army lists. What I was expecting was some editorial work, perhaps cleaning up lists, checking for obvious errors etc. before they were posted to the Playtester’s Vault. Instead Jervis offered me the opportunity to design one of the new Epic: Armageddon army lists.

Naturally I said yes.

Now while this conversation was ongoing I had sent Jervis another email with a question regarding the Orkamedies Gargant Bigmob Army, its status and whether he wanted some comments and suggestions about it. This lead to Jervis asking me if I wanted to design the army myself.

Now this probably wasn’t the best army to pick as my first “official” experience designing an Epic: Armageddon army. I say “official” because I have worked on (or am in the process of working on) several armies and even posted a few for public consumption. And while I have learned, I think, a great deal from each of those projects this is the first time I have been producing material (aside from scenarios that is) for official publication and use.

The problem here is that it is going to be rather difficult to build a balanced army that can consist of nothing other than Gargants.

So part of this blog is going to be taken up with Developer Diary entries that discuss the progress on the army list, what changes are upcoming, what decisions I make regarding the structure of the army as well as the reasons for those decisions.

The first draft of the army (actually version 1.2) should be posted to the Vault on Monday or Tuesday. And I also hope to have other Diary entries posted before the army list is available.

And yes, this is the reason I have been collecting Orks and Gargants the last few weeks. :-)