OGBM Army Designers Diary: Part 3

A general theme

So the first part of designing the new army list was to create a theme for the army. Unlike past fluff I wanted to create a list that while focused on Gargants still allowed players access to a specific subset of the units in the Ork army. Specifically I wanted to create the feeling of an army assembled from Big Meks and their crews. Bands of mad Ork mekaniaks who had assembled some large War Engine and had used it as the focal point of a warband.

As well the army would also have a limited number of Nobz. Nobz and mekaniaks don’t mix and even the most open-minded Nob finds Big Meks and Mekboys rather odd… and prone to buggering up their shiny new Kustom Shoota at the worst possible moment. To compensate the Big Mek character has been given the Leader ability so the OGBM warbands can still shrug off Blast Markers.

Each formation will be formed around a single War Engine or a set of War Engines (the exceptions beeing the Snappa Mob formed primarily from Dreadnoughts and Killa Kans and the Slogga Mob which is a normal Ork warband without nobs or transport… although those can be added). So there is a Stompa Mob formed around a single Soopa Stompa. There is a Gargant Mob formed around a single Gargant (although there are now three new types of Gargants) . And there is a Fortress Mob that is based around the Ork Fortress War Engines. This formation is similar to the Soeed Freaks Fortress Mob (and you can even think of them as solitary Speed Freaks temporarily keeping pace with the Gargant Bigmob for some fun and interesting upgrades) except that it also has a new Soopa Fortress.

The other major theme of the army is to be the modifications that Big Meks make to the War Engines in the army. Unlike the Oddboy upgrade in the GT Ork army list the Big Meks in the OGBM army list will be able to make one of a series of upgrades to War Engines (and Big Guns) and even change the weapons on a Gargant.

Hopefully it should allow players to create some crazy Ork armies with custom War Engines and Titans.,