OGBM Army Designers Diary: OGBM Test Battle

Dathedi and I got together yesterday to have a quick battle to test version 1.2 of the Orkamedies Gargant Bigmob army list. (Note: I feel guilty writing about this as the list isn’t in the Vault yet and people keep asking for it).

My army list for the 3000pt game was

Gargant Mob

1 Greater Gargant

1 Orkamedies

Gargant Mob

1 Gargant

1 Big Mek (used to give Gargant an extra Power Field)

4 Deth Koptas

Big Mekboy Gunmob

7 x Big Guns

3 Traktor Kannons

2 Flakwagonz

1 Big Mek (used to convert one Big Gun into a Soopa Gun)

2 Killa Kans

Slogga Warband

6 Boyz

2 Grots

2 Nobz

4 Battlewagonz

Big Snappa Mob

6 x Dreadnoughts

4 x Killa Kans

2 Deth Koptas

Fortress Mob

1 Suppa Fortress

1 Gun Fortress

1 Big Mek (used to convert Big Gun on Gun Fortress to Soopa Gun)

Dathedi’s army consisted of


Aspect Warhost with Swooping Hawks

Aspect Warhost with Howling Banshees

Gaurdian Warhost with 3 Wraithguard

Fire Prism Troupe

2 Cobras

2 Storm Serpents

Phantom Titan with Powerfist

Here is the rather sparce table at the beginning of the battle

Two of the Eldar formations were off-board for deployment via the Storm Serpents and my army was rather small (for an ork army) due to the 1600 pts spent on Gargants.

Also not that with the exception of the Greater Gargant none of my figs are painted.

The game went well. Mostly because I didn’t get my posterior handed to me and I didn’t totally overwhelm the Eldar army I was fighting. My two main concerns for the army where that it wasn’t under-powered or over-powered. Unbalanced situations like that are rather difficult to work through unless the imbalance is obvious.

The game was won mostly through the bad luck of the two Aspect formations which got into Assaults with the Snappa Mob (and one of the Gargants). Unusually I had very good dice luck (why can’t I make all those 4+ armour saves when I play a game with my Salamander army?) and both Aspect Warhosts were destroyed in the assaults and some followup fire.

The Slogga warband was ripped to peices by the Cobra formation (rolling two sizes for a total of 8BP…against Orks in cover) and it did almost nothing until turn three when it was able to fire at the two remaining stands from the howling banshee Aspect formation to destroy it.

The Greater Gargant and the Phantom didn’t really mix it up that much. I used the GG as a flank guard against the Phantom which resulted in this amusing situation at the end of turn two.

Greater Gargant on top of a hill

gaurding the army flank against

an Eldar Phantom Titan hiding behind a building.

The Titan did actually do a very nice double-move “scoot and shoot” attack over the hill to damage my Gunmob. And due to the BMs it took it actually failed its activation so it was a particularlly effective move.

The addition of the Grot Swarm rule (don’t you wish the list was in the Vault now?) made it easier for the army to control objectives and I think that it wasn’t unbalanced since the Eldar player was able to control and contest objectives where they had troops.

It was a very quick game due to the lack of activations on both sides but I thought it was a very fun game and hopefully our experience of the list matches other people’s.

Next game we’ll be trying a 4000pt battle and I hope to have the Big Krawler ready and have found some suitable proxies for the Grotnoughts.