OGBM Army Designers Diary: Part 4

Well I can certainly see the logic behind public playtesting now. Within a day of releasing the OGBM list (it isn’t in the Vault yet but you can get it here) I already have close to 15 changes added to it and suggestions for possible amendments to the list. There is an OGBM errata topic on the Forum as well.

There are already some changes that I am adding to the list. The Ork Warband will be recast as a Deathskull Warband. The idea of Deathskull looters following around the Gargant Bigmob appeals to me. Both are outcasts from regular Ork society and it seems likely that if there were any Ork boyz in an OGBM army it would be Deathskulls attracted by the enormous potential windfall that a clash between Imperial forces and an army of Gargants presents.

Some people have mentioned the possibility of Stormboyz in the army. There is some merit to this. What mekboy doesn’t dream of strapping rockets to a few Boyz and sending them flying off towards the enemy. Hopefully in one piece as well. My only problem is trying to find a way to fit this into the theme for the army and make it thematically consistent.

As well I may be tweaking the Fortress Mob (as well as renaming the Soopa Fortress) so that it has Normal, Big and ‘Uge options but the formation will be a single Fortress and not two. So players will be able to build a Fortress Mob with one to three base Fortresses.