Grey Knights Army List: First Steps

So while I am waiting for the Forgeworld Epic Grey Knight figures to be released I thought I’d work on an army list for the Grey Knights.

Despite my earlier comments I’ve decided to make it a joint Grey Knights – Imperial Guard army. Primarily because this allows me to create an army of polar opposites: swift, fast elite Grey Knights supported by slower, more fragile Guard units.


I think that the most important thing to first settle on when designing an army are the central themes. What is it that defines the army? What distinguishes it from other similar armies? Once you have those themes you can use them as a guide to help create distinctive formations and army structures that can lead to a, hopefully, cohesive army.

So for the Grey Knight army I currently have three themes

  • Fast, elite Grey Knights contrasted with slower, fragile Guard units
  • Guard formations are also cobbled together from disparate regimens and support formations
  • Mass Guard formations contrasted with smaller Grey Knight formations

So the idea is that the Guard support elements in the army have been hastily assembled to respond to the requests of the Inquisitor that leads the force of Grey Knights. As such the Guard formations don’t have the same organization as the GT Guard army list and often lack some of the units and support options of that list. Imagine if you will the tattered “kampfgruppen” that were assembled in the western front during WWII that had regular Wehrmacht infantry troopers fighting next to Luftwaffe signals engineers and kitchen staff.

The army will have more base formations than other forces currently available. Currenty I have a list of 12 formations (8 Grey Knight and 4 Guard) but the Guard army will have its requisite list of upgrades.

More notes and comments will be forthcoming as the list prgresses.