OGBM 1.4 upcoming

I will be trying to get a new version of the IGBM army list together for Thursday.

What I have added so far is

  • Various clarifications to Big Meks and Gargant Kustom Weapons
  • Tweaked stats for Bommers
  • Changed Gargant Mob so it has Stompas
  • Changed Soopa Stompa Mob so it has Grotnoughts
  • Kustom Weapon tweaks
  • Added Critical for Zzap Fortress
  • Changed Critical for Big Krawler
  • Spelled Great Gargant correctly :-)
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added 1/3 Gargant Mob limitation

Things that I am not changing

  • Snappa Mobs are going to remain at 2 Dreads and 2 Kans. The reason for this is that the blister for them has 2 of each figure so each size upgrade is basically a blister of figs.
  • Stompa Mob base formation stays as a single Soopa Stompa.

    Testing has shown that the Soopa Stompa by itself isn’t unbalanced and I like the look of the all Gargant and Soopa Stompa mob you can build with the formation not having Stompas.
  • Bommers lose a Heavy Shoota but keep the 2BP bomb racks. I’ve not seen any negative playtest reports that indicate that they are too powerful. The loss of an AT shot should help make them less powerful