OGBM version 1.4 is available

Until the file gets posted in the vault you can get it here.


  • Various clarifications to Big Meks and Gargant Kustom Weapons
  • Tweaked stats for Bommers. Bomb racks are now 1BP.
  • Changed Gargant Mob so it has Stompas
  • Removed Extra ‘Ammering Big Mek option
  • Renamed More Shooty Big Mek option to Bigger Gunz
  • Added new More Shooty Big Mek option
  • Changed Soopa Stompa Mob so it has Grotnoughts
  • Kustom Weapon tweaks
  • Changed Big Blaster FF value to 4+
  • Renamed Orkamedies Character upgrade to Mekboy Big Boss.
  • Added Critical for Zzap Fortress
  • Drop Rok is now DC3
  • Skorcher Turret is now Forward Arc
  • Added Cirtical for Kustom Gargant
  • Spelled Great Gargant correctly :-)
  • Fixed some typos
  • Added 1/3 Gargant Mob limitation