There has been a lot of discussion bout Dreadnoughts in Epic and how they don’t get used that often.

I think that the rather poor showing of Dreadnoughts in situations other than transport deployment is simply a fact of life. I also think that it also fits into the background of the unit that it is rare and often not seen unless in critical situations like assaults.

Dreadnoughts have light armour and only survive in 40K battles due to the scale. As soon as you expand to an Epic scale battle the idea of a lone AT target in a unit on infantry starts to make little sense. What else are Lascannons and other AT weapons going to shoot at other than the Dreadnought?

I think the problem is that the unit itself makes no sense, at this scale, in anything other then sitautions where it can deploy from a vehicle into an assault.

Which means that it won’t get used as often as it does in 40K or used as often as people might want.

But is that actually a bad thing? Dreadnoughts are supposed to be rare units and the idea of a Space Marine army crawling with them seems wrong. Its not as if they are Killa Kans. These are warriors that are thousands of years old that are religiously maintained and sometimes kept in statis fields. It seems natural that they would be reserved for critical strikes in a battle and not used in garrisons or placed in every Tactical formation in an army.