Black Legion Recommendations

So the last week or so has been taken up with some discussions about the current state of the Chaos Black Legion army list and just what should be done about it. There are some suggestions posted now and hopefully some of them will be added to the next version of the army list.

One of the concepts that I am hoping will get added to the list is the idea of balancing out abilities in the list by tieing them to the availibility of Chaos factions.

For instance the Chaos army list will most likely be changing to a fixed Stategy rating instead of the random rating it currently has. While its a great idea the random rating causes too many problems with issues like placing teleporters that is done before that roll is typically made. One recomendation I am making is that the bonus Sacrifice that used to be a result of the player rolling doubles now be replaced by a rule stating that if the players rolls the “magic number” for the faction of their Warlord that they get the bonus sacrifice. Since this won’t be available to Undivided factions it adds an incentive to give the Warlord’s formation a faction.

In addition I’ve recommended that Daemon Princes be limited to one per faction (not Undivided) in the army.

The net effect is to hopefully not only limit Daemon Princes but give Chaos players an added incentive to add more formations with differing Chaos faction affiliations. Since this will probably result in activation modifiers it means that the Chaos player gets a benefit at the expense of making their army less responsive due to factional in-fighting.