Chaos Daemon changes

Some rather substantial changes had to be made to the daemons in the Black legion army list. Due to recent changes at Fanatic the new Chaos army list will have to “make do” with the older plastic sprue created for Epic 40K. Meaning that the army can only have those units that actually existed on that sprue and in terms of daemons that means that the Furies, Nurglings, Screamers, Daemonettes on Steeds and Horrors had to be removed.

One side effect of this is that there were now no Undivided daemons. It also means that Khorne would have had two daemonic units when all the others had one. In order to rectify this I have removed the Flesh Hounds from the list (leaving Khorne with just Bloodletters) and added a generic Daemonic Beasts unit. That unit will be able to be summoned by Undivided factions and you can use the Flesh Hound model to represent it.