New Chaos Black Legion army list

Version 3.3 of the Chaos Black Legion army list has been sent off to Jervis for approval. Here is a quick list of the changes made:

  • Changed Strategy Rating rules
  • Changed Banelord to match the recommendation
  • Removed Nurglings, Furies, Horrors, Screamers and Daemonettes on Steeds
  • No Khorne formations may take Sorcerers
  • Changed price of Daemon Prince and added limits to purchase
  • Removed Doomfire and added Helltalon
  • Changed stats of Swiftdeath to make it a fighter as per future FW fig
  • Added Daemonic Beasts for Undivided formations
  • Added Flamers for Tzeentch formations
  • Changed cost and formation size for Helltalon and Swiftdeath
  • Changed stats of Decimator to match those of an Imperial SHT. Reduced DC to 3
  • Removed FF from Plaguebearers

Notes and comments on some of the changes will follow