DIY Chaos units

Part of the changes to the Epic Chaos list are a rather sharp reduction in the number of figures that will be created for the army. One effect of this is that the new Chaos War Engines will most likely not be produced and they, as well as the Chaos Titans, will be left as DIY projects for Chaos players.

There was some mention of pre-existing Banelord figure that was created for Epic 40K that may be available for release.

Luckily enough the Death Wheel and Decimator are quite easy to cobble together. Audrey already has posted info on her site about how to build a Death Wheel and I believe that she already has plans to do the same for her conversion of a ForgeWorld Shadowsword into a Decimator. I’ve had quite good luck at building very formidable looking Death Wheels as well and given my utter lack of talent that should be good news for everyone :-)

One change is that the background for the Decimator is going to be rewritten to change it into a corrupted version of an older Imperial SHT. The stats for the Decimator re also going to be slightly tweaked to make it more in line with an SHT. Currently this means that the DC has been reduced to three from four.