OGBM version 1.6

Version 1.6 of the OGBM list has been sent to Keith for inclusion in the Vault.

Very minor changes to the list.

  • Made Big Mek Power Field upgrade D3 Power Fields instead of one
  • Changed Gargant limitation in army to be based on Gargant Mobs and Stompa Mobs
  • Changed Stompa upgrades to +65 from +75 points
  • Tweaks and changes to Big Mek Kustom Gargant Weapons
  • Renamed Bommer to Big Bommer

I was originally going to change the formation limitation in the army to be based on a percentage of points but after creating some sample armies I couldn’t find a percentage that didn’t either recreate the original problem (not enough support formations) or made for an army that had, IMO, too many support formations. So I have changed the limitation so that Stompa Mobs now allow for more support formations as well.

The other major change was some tweaks to some of the Big Mek Kustom Gargant Weapons. Specifically:

  • Deth Kannon is now Titan Killer 2
  • Ripper Fist is now 2 x AP4+/AT5+
  • Mega Lobba has range increased to 75cm
  • Gatling Kannon is now 6x AP4+/AT5+

Those are all the changes that I feel comfortable doing to the weapons for now. I’d like to do graduated tweaks to the weapons to see the effect and then possibly make more changes based on feedback.