CSM 3.5 Recommendations

Going forward with some suggested recommendations for version 3.5 of the CSM list.

This is based on some preliminary comments on version 3.4 of the list.


Two possibilities: a 1BP bomb rack with Ignore Cover or a 2BP bomb rack without Ignore Cover

Titan Critical
Rewording and renaming the Titan critical as per the suggestion in this Forum thread

Forlorn Hope
Making the Forlon Hope only CSM units and not Cult Marines

CSM Retinue
Changing size of Retinue back to 8 units (or possibly 5-8 units) and decreasing allowable Upgrades to a maximum of four

Army Structure
Making the army require one CSM or Bike Retinue in order to “purchase” a support formation. The intent being to retain the infantry heavy horde nature of the army

Assault Company
Making the Assault Company part of the 1/3 Titans/Aircraft Limit
Possible increase in price of the Death Wheel

The changes to the daemons made in 3.4 still need some testing and feedback so there is still some time before a new CSM list will be published