OGBM army list

The OGBM list has been on a bit of a hiatus recently. The primary problem is that I still don’t have any idea what models, if any, will be produced for the list (not surprising really given that Fanatic still hasn’t been fully recreated and there is still some discussion of how and what they will be publishing). As such I am hesitant to suggest changes to the list given that it may be necessary to do some radical pruning of the list in the event that the new models for the army won’t be made.

I’ll be pondering possible solutions to this but the simplest thing to do may be to leave the list as is until such time as we get a better idea of what resources and figs will be available for the list.

That said, the Drop Roks and the Big Krawla will be in any resulting list since they have always been intended to be conversion projects.