New CSM list and private playtesting

Version 3.5 of the CSM list has gone out for playtesting.

Changes include

  • Limit of four upgrades per formation
  • CSM Retinue down to 8 CSM units
  • Cult Marines now an upgrade
  • 0-2 limit on Assault Co
  • Forlorn Hope only CSM units
  • Price decrease for CSM Retinue
  • Summoning Changes (extensive and based on Neal and Audrey’s Daemon Pack rules)
  • Helltalon now 2BP with no Ignore Cover
  • Critical Changes to Titans
  • Strategy roll of 6 adds 1D3 daemons, roll of 1 loses 1D6 daemons
  • IB no longer Inspiring
  • Champion now 2D3 Augment Summoning
  • Daemon Prince is now Fearless
  • Limit of one GD per faction on the table at any one time

Now if you are a Forum regular and are wondering why you haven’t seen an announcement of this that is because all initial playtesting of the list is being done via a private Yahoo Group. I’d like to stress that this is only initial testing. The list will eventually be put into the public for commentary (heck feel free to post comments here) but with the changes in the Forum it was thought that having a distinct playtesting group would make it easier to get the list developed and tested.

The playtest group is currently 15 people but there is room for it to expand as we add new members based on their comments in the new Fanatic Forum.