Sentrek Freemen

Following Audrey’s lead I am taking the name for the Traitor PDF army from the list of forces that fought in the Eye Of Terror campaign. There is a list of Traitor PDF formations that fought and while I am not all that thrilled with the name it at least doesn’t imply anything about the structure and focus of the force like some of the other names.

Some basic concepts and special rules that I am toying with
Special Rules

Dawning Awareness
Many of the Traitor PDF units are not aware of the dark pacts that their superiors have entered into. The realization that they are in league with the Powers of Chaos can be a traumatizing moment for many of the Traitor PDF troops.

Any PDF formations that has units within 30cm of a formation that summons daemons receives 1D3 Blast Markers. Any PDF formation that is within 30cm of a formation that contains cultists, daemons or any other Chaos units suffers a -1 modifier to all Rally rolls.

Feed the Ruinous Powers
Any formation that has the Daemonic Pact upgrade can sacrifice a unit to receive an additional D3 summoning points. A formation may only do this once per turn. Every PDF formations within 30cm and LOS of the sacrifice will receive 1 Blast Marker.

Design Concepts

  • Limited access to specialised units. Some,like Stormtroopers, may not even be available
  • Limited access to Chaos troops
  • Non-infantry formations are non-uniform in structure to represent ad-hoc formations being created from limited numbers of tanks and other vehicles
  • A mixture of old and new vehicles in formations
  • New patterns of existing Guard units to represent less effective variants of units like the Leman Russ

Army lists limitations
0-1 SHT Company
0-1 Alpha Legion Infiltration force (Basically access to a Forlorn Hope made up of Alpha Legion troops)