New focus

When I first started this blog I intended it to be primarily focused on Epic gaming. This was rather easy to do since at the time pretty much all I was doing was playing Epic, testing Epic and writing Epic rules.

Currently though almost all of my Epic gaming is playtest games and even then those games are not as frequent as I would like. Primarily this is because most of my gaming group stopped playing Epic. Not that anyone dislikes the game but the “reorganization” of Specialist Games made most gamers re-evaluate their priorities and its difficult to want to spend time and energy on a game system that even its manufacturer won’t support. For the most part the local gaming group here doesn’t play any Specialist Games any more.

So lately I have been playing a lot of Flames of War, Warmachine and have even begun to give Confrontation another close look. I’ve also gotten rid of most of my WFB books, an Ogre Kingdoms army, most of a WFB Chaos force and all of the Space Marine figs that I had collected in preparation for a 4th Ed Marine army. Frankly if GW wants to promote the “core” games and not support any other games then I guess I need to examine what GW games I play.

And there are other companies that seem to want my money. GW only seems to want my money if I jump through hoops to give it to them. I can go to a GW store but if I want any Specialist range game items I need to catalogue order them. Quite stupid. even moreso given the precipitous drop in sales they have registered with the bursting of the LOTR bubble.

So to reflect that this blog is going to change to be my musings, comments and photographs regarding all the miniature gaming I do and not just Epic.

Update: I am in fact still working on Epic. I am still on the ERC, still working on the CSM and OGBM lists and waiting to start working on updating the current rules. I just am not looking to “play” with GW on their terms.