Khador expands

We’re going to be starting a Builder campaign locally for Warmachine. For those not familiar with it the concept is that you start with a new army and each month you are required to paint new units in order to continue in the campaign.

So I have purchased a few Khador figs and started assembling a 500 point army for the campaign and also to serve as the second boxset I need in order to apply as a Press Ganger. Currently I have the Khador boxet assembled and a Man-o-War Shocktroopers box.

The Khador jacks are massive. So much so that I am troubled as to how I can hold on to them while painting. Its going to be an adventure I am sure.

First on the painting table is Sorcha and then the two Jacks from the boxed set. After that…well lets see if I get that far first :-)