CSM v3.6 sent to Fanatic

Version 3.6 of the Chaos Space marine list has been sent to Andy and Jervis at Fanatic and will hopefully make it into the Vault tomorrow or Wednesday.

There were not a lot of changes in the list. Primarily

  • Changed Dreadclaw cost to 5 points per unit
  • Rewrote Banelord fluff to allow for other faction specific variants of the Titan
  • Changed Noise Marine FF to 4+
  • Tweaks and rewrites to the Summoning section done by Audrey
  • Removed limitation on Undivided Daemon Princes

The biggest change is the modifications to the Greater Daemons. If you’ve been checking out the new Greater Daemon miniatures from Forgeworld you may have noticed that there are some very big and nasty Greater Daemons available for 40K. There is a move in the 40K design team to make Greater Daemons significantly more powerful and we have moved to do this in Epic as well.

What that means is that Greater Daemons have, on average, gained one new weapon system and somewhere in the range of three or four Assault attacks. In order to accommodate this change the GDs now cost 100 points each to add to the Daemon Pool and require 8 summoning points to summon. Which means that you absolutely need a Champion of Chaos to summon one now.

GDs are now very tough, very expensive and should rip a hole in your opponents defences if you can manage to summon one. Since these are fairly drastic changes we have decided to release a new version of the CSM list even though it doesn’t have enough other changes to merit it. So if you get a chance please download the new rules when they are posted and test the new Summoning rules as well as the new GD stats and post any comments you have here, or at the Epic messageboard of your choice.