News blog

One of the things that I often do while surfing is try to find news about upcoming game and miniature releases. There are a few sites that I often visit, Gaming Report and TMP being the most frequent.

Both are fine sites but they are not as focused as I would like (both often publish RPG and board game news) and often contain quite a lot of “news” that I can’t often see the point of. Several online retailers often send “news” items to TMP announcing the restock of an item or the imminent release of a new game. Fine and dandy if you happen to be a customer of them but hardly news for anyone else.

I’m also a big fan of RSS syndication and TMP doesn’t offer it (although Bill has mentioned that it is in the works) and Gaming Report has them but none of the articles ever contain a description so the RSS feed is really not as useful as it could be.

So in order to fill what I think of as a bit of a void in the hobby I have started a new blog purely for news about tabletop games. No RPGs, no board games and no news items from some online retailer in Minnesota to announce that he has a restock on Heroclix minis.

Its still in the initial stages of planning and I am still working on tracking down news sources but its live, the Atom news feed is working and news, and reviews, are being published.

The URL for the blog is