Spent the weekend at a local two-day Warmaster tournament.

One of the highlights of the weekend was meeting Lex Van Rooy (aka Greysage and MOD_Lex) from Holland. Lex is one of the current army list developers for Warmaster so it was fairly interesting to talk to Lex about the development of the Warmaster army selectors.

Lex also had a sample of the new Araby figs that are, at some point, going to be coming out for Warmaster. Very nice figs.

The weekend was interesting since it gave me the opportunity to evaluate my own playing style and also take some time to evaluate the game itself.

While I have been playing Chaos in Warmaster for ages I don’t think that the army is particularly suited to the way I actually play the game. I try to make the army play in a more loose and flexible fashion that I think it is intended. Lex suggested looking at the current Skaven list and I may do that. The tactics and strategies that Lex and I discussed certainly sound more like the type of game I attempt to play in Warmaster with my Chaos army.

As well I have been looking to the Warmaster Ancients rulebook with quite a bit on longing. Especially after playing a concentrated series of Warmaster games.

Some of the Warmaster army lists are not balanced. Now there is supposed to be a new set of army selectors coming out for Warmaster and hopefully that will change some of the more obvious problems with some of the lists.

The main issue with the game though is that it is far too random and some facets of the combat rules that make the game less that thrilling. Specifically the unlimited rounds of combat. Anyone who has had a strong enemy brigade reduce aen tire flank to nothing via a flank charge can attest to how unenjoyable that is.