Ranting about ForgeWorld

Now I will be the first to say that I don’t understand how ForgeWorld works. But lately I am getting the impression that they really live in their own space-time continuum and don’t seem to pay any regard to what happens in the world around them.

First they published their own Epic Tau armylist in their latest campaign book. They didn’t seem to care that it wasn’t compatible with the official Epic list and based on comments made by the Tau Champion and designer they didn’t even communicate with him about the development of the list.

Nor, after reading it, did they appear to playtest it.

Now today the fine folks at ForgeWorld have posted news of an Epic version of their Chaos Hellblade fighter. Now we, the developers of the Epic Chaos Space marine army list, spent quite some time trying to get confirmation of a possible production date for this unit as soon as the 40K version was announced. No luck. Even worse than no luck, not a single reply to any email to them.

So now that the list is basically finalized and ready to go ForgeWorld announces that they have the unit ready for production.

Now we are left in the rather unenviable position of either leaving the unit out or putting in stats and point costs that won’t get enough playtesting.

Maybe dropping in stats at the last minute works for the people at ForgeWorld but I actually like to attempt to make balanced army lists. So I am currently inclined to go tell ForgeWorld to pack their Hellblsde fighter someplace dark and unpleasant and stick with the stats for the generic fighter that we currently have in the army list.

Why the company operates like this is beyond me. What does scare the hell out of me is that Fanatic is going to have to rely on a company with a proven track record of not listening to anyone to produce additional units and maybe even whole armies for Epic.

That scares the sh*t out of me. And it really makes me wonder why GW continues to approve of this sort of rogue behaviour.