Too many minis…

So I’ve spent a little time of late moving my gaming news blog to a new server and new blogging software. Blogger wasn’t the right fit for what I wanted to do and their recent automated efforts to reduce spam blogs made a decision for me that I had been prevaricating about for about a month.

Now that the move is done and I have some free-time from work I decided to start planning my painting schedule a little bit. I’ve been on new arthritis medication for a few months and the difference it has made has been immense. I’ve gone from planning on how I would afford to pay to get some armies painted to going back to planning on painting them myself.

The issue though is, as usual, that I have too much to paint.

Currently I have some Flames of War figs, a Khador army that I have to continue to paint, 6mm Ancients from Baccus and some Warmaster figs.

Why do mini gamers do this to themselves?