ACTA Critical counters

A first attempt at critical counters for ACTA.

I think I have them all. I’ve had to truncate the language in some of them but I think it is obvious what they mean

Click the image for a larger version.

There is some image distortion in the background due to the JPG compression. The file will be available as a PDF and won’t have that distortion in it.

The counters are 1″ x 1/2″

Update: I added Order counters. If anyone knows what the Crew Quality Check for All Stop & Pivot!, Launch Breaching Pods & Shuttles, Scramble! Scramble! and Scanners To Full! are could they post them in the comments or email me as I don’t have my copy of SFOS yet. I also added counters for Reactor Explosion and Engines Disabled as those Criticals have two effects each and both are removed with on DC check.

Update 2: Added counters for Vital System criticals