New ACTA counters

So based on a game last night I’ve made some changes to the ACTA counters.


Removed some of the Order counters (All Power To Engines, All Stop!, Come About) as these are evaluated and enacted upon immediately and there isn’t any need to track the status of the order after movement.

Added counters for Running adrift and Destroyed. Not sure how I missed that.

Added another set of Skeleton Crew and Crippled counters as we ran out last night

Added another Concentrate All Firepower counter as well as another Firepower Target counter. We used them all last night as well.

Added another -2 SPD counter. We used a lot of those as well.

I was actually quite happy with how well the counters worked. It was a lot easier to track criticals and also mark orders on ships.

I’ll be putting together a PDF of these and then sending them along for people to host on their sites.