6mm painting

Recently a few of the local Warmaster gamers decided to take the plunge into 6mm Ancients using Baccus figs and the Warmaster Ancients rulebook. A few of us have been talking about doing Ancients for a few years but one of the main problems has been rules. To be blunt most of them have really looked to be of poor quality (productionwise) and its really quite disheartening to be asked to spend $25+ on a rulebook that looks like it was printed off as a pre-school art project.

Since we’re all familiar with Warmaster the WMA rules were a bit of a no-brainer.

What is turning out to be quite refreshing is the speed at which the Ancients figs are getting painted. I’m not unfamiliar with smaller scales. I’ve painted at least five Epic armies (one Chaos, three Marines and one Ork) for myself and am planning another (Black Templars) but the figs from Baccus are a breeze to paint (even to a high standard) and its no problem to knock off two units of troops in four hours. Even though my Republican Roman army has 13 units at 1000 points I am looking forward to being able to field a fully painted force before February.

Certainly nothing I am going to be able to do with the Dwarves I am getting :-)