My small mini-rant about pricing aside I have still picked up a *lot* of GW figs in the last while.

I have a mass of WFB Dwarf figures on my table ready to paint. That may take a while to produce though as I am going to start a 40K version of the Army Builder campaign that our local WFB gamers recently participated in. The starting level is 400 points (enough to play 40K in 40 minutes) and I will be playing Tyranids. Not only because the models are just freaking amazing (and more “portable” to other systems that other 40K figs) but also because they don’t have any vehicles.

I was considering putting together a Marine force that was reliant on small vehicles like Land Speeders and the odd Razorback but Tyranids won me over.

So there is an excessive amount of painting on the horizon.

Now I would like to have purchased those figs online and saved myself some cash but I can’t bring myself to do it. My FLGS does a lot of work supporting local gamers including having game space that is often the only gaming areas available to some people so it seems a rather shitty thing to then purchase a few hundred bucks worth of figs from some company in Ontario that doesn’t do anything to support local gaming.