So I am currently finishing up some FOW German transports for my AT and Infantry gun sections. Pictures will be posted once I get the transports based. We’ve been playing a bit fast and loose with the rules and allowing people to set up on board without transports but since we have a tourney coming up I want to make sure that my force is strictly legal. After that I am going to paint a section of 88s and then probably put away the FOW figs for a while as its been a bit difficult to get any games locally.

The 6mm Warmaster Ancients army progresses. I recently finished three units of Hasatii and have two units of Heavy Cavalry on the table. My aim is to get a 1500 point force painted and based (as soon as Canada Post finishes dicking around with all my parcels and delivers that damned things…including my Litko bases) and then play a few games to get a better idea of what additional units I want to paint to expand the army to 2000 points.

And then there are the Tyranids. I have a Battleforce on hold and will be picking that up on Friday. Given my luck that is when the horde of GHQ and CnC micro armour will arrive :-)