FOW Gaming

Managed to get in a game of FOW last night. Darren brought over his Russian force (based on the lists in the new Za Stalina army book so it had a lot of tanks) and we had a 1500 point game as a training match for the upcoming FOW tournament in February.

What an utter bloodbath. We managed to forget a few rules. Natural since its been a while since either of us had played but we still managed to have a good time. Darren took a few pictures with his new digital and once he sends them I’ll post them but here are some I snapped for his first assault against my German infantry.

I was unable to do a lot of damage to him while he approached with his wall of infantry, mostly due to bad placement on my part and also the row of hedges on the opposite side of the road, and he was able to get in an assault. I actually did nine hits on him with Defensive fire but that was still one shy of pinning him. I managed to do that twice in the evening :-)

Here is a longer shot of the table. The roads are the RVT plastic roads from JR Miniatures. You can’t see it in the picture but his T-34s are hiding from a Tiger I had popped into some cover. And it was a good thing they were hiding since the Tiger eventually took out most of the platoon.

What ultimately saved me was his inability to do anything to my tanks. His T-34s couldn’t scratch the Tiger and my StuGs dealt with his T-70s and SU-122s.

I won the game by making his fail a Company Morale check but I really think that it was a draw based on the huge casualties I took.