So the first unit of my Marines are done and ready to get based. So I have moved on to the Razorback I’ve included in my 400 point force. It already saved the day in my first game so I’ve grown quite fond of it.

Now this may be difficult to believe but this is the biggest miniature I have ever painted. I spend a lot of time gaming in smaller scales (Micro Armour, 6mm and 10mm) so a 30mm scale vehicle is a very large endeavour for me. I am still getting used to just how much physical area there is to cover with paint. I can see why people do like to paint them though. They are large enough that you can spend some time painting them and really see the results of the effort you put into it (not something you can do with Micro Armour :-). As well, you can also spend a lot of time kit bashing the vehicle.

I hope this isn’t the start of some new and disturbing trend in my gaming.