Builder campaign week 1

Yesterday saw quite a few games in our local Builder campaign. I’m guessing that there were

My games were against Necrons, Tau, Space Wolves and another Marine player. I managed two wins a draw and a loss. The loss, against the Space Wolves player, was really my own doing. I fired Rapid Fire weapons and wasn’t able to assault his Marines. I also left a tactical formation too close to the table edge and was swamped by a formation of Wolf Scouts. They sure can carry a heck of a lot of Power Weapons.

Perhaps the best game was the draw I was able to salvage against the Tau player. I was unable to take out his Crisis Suits despite being able to concentrate a significant amount of firepower on them. I did though take out his Stealth Suit unit by Assaulting it with my Captain. Thankfully he survived the hail of fire that took out the rest of the unit he was accompanying.

Quite an interesting day of gaming and I’m hoping to get a few more games in on Wednesday.