Battle fluff

Some “homebrew” fluff for some of the battles last weekend from our 40K Builder Campaign

Recent Battles

Esti Adalpi
2243780 M41
Necron activity in and around the Church of Saint Sebastian of Adalpino continues. While Adeptus Ministorium and Adeptus Mecahanicus officials are argue over who will attempt to analyze the relics in the Church, Captain Suraenus increases the marine presence at the Chruch and attempts to solicit Adeptus Mecahanicus aid to try and determine the method by which the Necrons are infiltrating the area.

A patrol sweeping the outskirts of the now decimated church area stumbles upon a group of Necron warriors attempting to assemble a teleportation device. The patrol attacks immediately and calls for backup. Captain Suraenus and his assault squad arrive in their Razorback just as the Necron Warriors attack. Suraenus and the assault squad advance using the covering fire provided by the patrol and the Razorback. The Necrons are able to send a withering barrage of fire at the Marines and before the squad can get into assault range they are serious depleted.

Suraenus and his Marines finally crest the last rubble filled blast hole and charge into the ranks of the Warriors. But even his Power Sword and faith in the Emperor aren’t enough and Suraenus and the assault team are hacked down by the Necron warriors.

Seeing their leader fallen on the field the remaining troops quickly mount an assault to try and rescue Suraenus. In their fervor they cut down the remaining Necron warriors and are able to spirit Suraenus’ wounded form away in his Razorback. Wounded perilously Suraenus has to be replaced by Veteran Sergeant Tbibideau.

Esti Adalpi
2242780 M41

A band of Necron warriors supported by Destroyers teleported into the sepulture of the Church of Saint Sebastian of Adalpino and attempted to steal the reliquary. Not knowing what they are looking for the Warriors laid waste to the Church and the surrounding area turning it into a waste of broken statuary, rubble and corpses. Elements of the Repenters Patrol lead by Captain Suraenus were dropped into the area via Thunderhawk to attempt to protect the reliquary and defeat the Xenos threat.

Unbeknownst to the Necrons the real reliquary items had been interned underneath the sepulture of Saint Sebastian and the items they were attempting to steal were simply copies. Captain Suraenus and his warriors guarded the real reliquary while members of the second Tactical drove off the Necrons with fire from their Plasma Gun and Missile Launcher.

Deploro Elido
22419780 M41

Elements of a Tau military patrol were stopped on the outskirts of mining station AM-DE 71101 on the, unnamed, seventh planet of the Deploro Elido system. Adeptus Mechanicus monitoring stations outbound of the planet discovered traces of the Tau ship as is passed and sent warning to the March Warden Strike Cruiser Unchained Wrath. The ship had a small contingent of Marines on board lead by Captain Hurmanus who rushed to the area to investigate. Upon entering the system the Unchained Wrath was attacked by the Tau vessel and was forced to flee the system but not before it was able to determine the co-ordinates of the Tau infiltrators and drop Captain Hurmanus and his troops into position to confront them.

Hurmanus and his troops dropped some twenty seven kilometres away from the last known position of the Tau. Assuming that their target was the mining station Hurmanus lead the way and the Marines made the trip in less than an hour. The Tau were confronted and ordered to leave the planet and the system. A Tau warrior declared himself to be on a trade mission to meet a Rogue Trader by the name of Kai Mandi Maladhi. Unable to determine the veracity of this information Captain Hurmanus refused to negotiate with the Xenos filth and emphasised his request for them to leave by shooting the Tau dead.

A horrific battle broke out immediately as a team of Tau Stealth Warriors revealed themselves and two warriors wearing Crisis Suits jetted into the area. Caught in a horrific crossfire Hurmanus took the battle to the Tau. First engaging the Fire Warriors and then the Stealth troops in hand to hand combat. Despite staggering losses on both sides the Marines were able to drive the Tau off. The Unchained Wrath re-entered the system when it detected that the Tau had left and was able to rescue Hurmanus and the survivors.