A creeping fondness for 40K

Well I’m starting to see what the appeal of 40K is.

Army building is a big part of the game and really quite an interesting puzzle on its own. I’ve been driving my girlfriend crazy printing out Army Builder lists the last two weeks each with minor, yet critical :-), changes from the last set of lists she printed out.

As well the modelling and building is certainly fun. Far more than a game like Warmachine or Confrontation. Mind you I can’t see how you’d make a Confrontation figure look better so that isn’t a fair comparison. I just put together a Veteran Sergeant with Power Fist yesterday and the process was a lot of fun and I’m really looking forward to painting it up.

The game, while not as tactically rich as games like Warmachine or, most certainly, Confrontation still has some interesting tactics to it and the new rules have added some interesting wrinkles in terms of assault casualty allocation and how to maximise the impact of the forces you have.

Mostly though I’ve been having a lot more fun playing 40K than I thought I would.