Canadian GW White Dwarf tour

Just got back from the GW Canada White Dwarf tour event at the GW store in Metrotown. Not a lot of news that I hadn’t heard before but there were some interesting titbits.

The City of Death codex will only have the boxed city terrain as a release. All the other 40K releases appear to be scheduled for the Medusa V worldwide event this summer. So that is when you should see miniatures such as the plastic Marine Snipers (which look very good).

Canada will be getting its own version of White Dwarf starting this year. Its scheduled to be released at Games Day and it will start at number 1 and not continue the numbering from the US and UK versions. And now at least they will be able to spell colour correctly.

The new Tau codex was on hand and there are some interesting new additions to the Tau. An Ethereal can take an Honour Guard and for 2 points each member can have their BS increased to 4. The Crisis Suits can take an Airburst barrage weapon that ignores cover saves. The Vespid do indeed carry a Str 5 AP 3 weapon but it is 12″ and Assault 1. They have an I of 5 so they will strike first in hand to hand against Marines (their obvious target) but I can’t see them lasting very long after that.

The Vespid pictures that have been circulating online are actually not very well painted. The miniatures that were available for viewing today were painted to a much higher quality and its really apparent that the figs are metal. Crisp lines and very nice detail.

The new Tau Crisis Suit Commander has the same jointless knees. No joy there.

The Forgeworld Battlesuit looks amazing. Its a shame GW can’t make one in plastic.