Victory for Zim!

Through some rather fortuitous circumstances I was able to win the Best General award in the Flames of War tournament here in Vancouver on Saturday.

The entire victory came down to two rather lucky events. Firstly the two people above me in the standings (we were all within a point of each other IIRC) were paired off against each other in the final game and secondly I actually managed to make an insanely good series of rolls to allow my StuG F’s to survive on the first turn of the last game.

My opponent had a platoon of anti-tank guns guarding an objective and I moved my StuGs to fire at them but then promptly forgot to use my Stormtrooper move to pull them back out of 16″ or even behind cover. My opponent then gladly took the opportunity to fire on them and then rolled three hits. The only thing I could do was roll a 6 for my armour save to force a firepower check to get the tanks to bail out and I then promptly rolled three sixes to saved both tanks. He only managed to force one of them to bail and then next turn I succeeded in my Motivation check to remount the tank and promptly moved them behind cover.

What makes this story even more unusual is that I went on to win the game by having those same StuGs capture an objective.

Sometimes good dice can make or break a tournament.

This was my first experience with a “professionally” run tournament. Dan Miner, from the WCP Vancouver gaming club which ran the event, did an exceptional job organising it and running it. The tourney was also scored in a fashion similar (if not identical) to their Warhammer Fantasy tournaments and so the overall winner was based not only on the points achieved from the game itself but also from painting, sportsmanship and other categories (which I won’t know until I see the results once they are posted since I’ve never played in one of the WCP tourneys before).

This is also very different from other, more casual, tournaments that I have been in so it was a bit unusual that none of the top three players won the Overall award but I guess that is the point, rewarding a person’s total game as opposed to just their achievement in building a competitive army list and finessing it on the table.

I was also quite relieved to find out that I hadn’t inadvertently screwed up the entire scoring of the event by misreporting the results of the final game to Dan :-)

I think it was a sign of a good tournament and a great set of players that we, literally, needed to know the results of the final game to determine who won the award for Overall Player.

I was also quite surprised by the number of fully painted armies and the quality of the painting. The Best Painted award went to a local Soviet player who had some very well done Soviets all in winter/urban bases that were decorated with discarded pipes and debris.

All in all a very fun day and I got to see and play against some new armies and meet some new FOW gamers.