FOW army comments

My army didn’t do too badly in the FOW tournament. Quite a lot of my ability to place so highly was based on my opponents (both their play, dice luck etc. and simply just who I got matched with) and a lot less with my ability as a player. I managed to get draws against players against whom I could put up a decent defence.

I spent most of the tournament hoping and praying that I wouldn’t draw a game against Brent and his all armour Soviet force. His army would have rolled right over me with little to no problem since I only had two armour units and not a lot of AT capability. Thankfully I didn’t run into him although I was actually hoping that I could get in a game against Dan and his Italian armour horde force :-)

Some things I would do differently in another tournament:

1) Lose the IeIG18 gun section. The guns are only available in two gun sections for non-motorised formations and re-rolling hits on most targets isn’t that effective. Pinning formations is good though but I can do that with mortars as well and with the points I save from not taking the IeIG18s I could add another two mortars.

2) AA is a good thing. I may substitute my current AT guns with 88s or perhaps trim down my infantry sections so I can take some quad 20mm AA guns. The one game where I did play against an opponent with airplanes I almost went from having a Stunning Victory to a Minor Victory simply from the damage done by his plans.

3) Quite paying for transports. I defended two out of the three scenarios and in the last I actually wanted to but didn’t simply because I was playing against another infantry force.

4) Aircraft rule. The 100 points I spent on aircraft were well worth it.