Razorback completed

So I’ve finally managed to finish the Razorback. I certainly learned a few things about vehicle painting so perhaps the Rhino I do next will look better. Click on the images below for a larger version. Not bad for my first 40K vehicle.

So some of the lessons gleaned from this painting experiment:

  1. Build stencils for larger symbols like crosses. I’m not a good enough freehand painter to do these without having to layer paint (as you can see in some of the shots) to the point where there are lines in the paint job
  2. I need to thin my paint more when doing design work
  3. Stippling requires a darker paint and a smaller brush. Some of the weathering in this Razorbaack is a little harsh.
  4. Drybrushing vehicles is a good idea for lare areas but not small parts.

I may try to drybrush the main areas of the Rhino I plan to do next to see what difference that makes in the texture of the painting and the shading in the recessed areas of the vehicle. I did the highlighting on this vehicle by hand except for one of the hatches and I wasn’t happy with the contrast between the two styles so next time I will stick to one or the other for a more consistent look.

But all in all I’m quite happy with this vehicle.