Battlefront Marder IIs

So while taking some time away from my 40K army I decided to assemble the four new Marder II miniatures I recently picked up from Battlefront.

I have to say that they are perhaps the most disappointing Battlefront figs I have received to date. Not that the sculpts are bad but that the gun shields at the front of the tank don’t appear to actually fit. And since this happened on all four of the miniatures I have I can’t see it being a casting error.

None of the shields appear to be able to fit in the manner suggested by the photo on Battlefront’s online store and the directions in the blister appear to be for a much older version of the Marder II as the gun shield in the illustration is different than the one shipping in the blister,

I’m going to try to bend the gun shields to see if they will fit that way but as it stands I may need to do some scultping/bitz hacking to fill in the rather obvious holes around the gun shield.

If you are in the market for Marders for your FOW army I might suggest looking at one of their other Marder figures instead.

Update: Bending the gun shields actually makes the situation worse. I’ve attached some tracks and jerry cans to the fronts to masks some of the worst areas and perhaps I’ll add some shrubs et to the minis to further conceal the holes.