Confrontation gaming

So I was finally able to get a Confrontation game in last night with my Dirz army. Despite having them for some time I’ve not been able to use them as I am missing a fair number of cards mostly, unfortunately, from the Characters in the army. I’ve got them on order from Rackham now but I am still missing cards for Salias Yesod as the English cards were out of stock on the Rackham website.

I recently got the Sentinels of Danakil set from the Confrontation initiation set that includes Thissen Ka thereby giving me a 80 point unit I can use to build a legal tournament army. So Zach came over last night and used my Griffin figs and we had a 400 point battle.

My damage rolls were disgusting. And not in a good way. I rolled 1’s so often it was ridiculous. Zach on the other hand had an uncanny ability to roll a 5 and a 6 for his damage roll.

The funniest part of the game though had to be the fact that Thissen Ka and Mira both went down to lowly troopers. Mira was killed in a single round of combat with some clones (losing initiative can really hurt sometimes) and Thissen Ka was first shot and then slowly beat to submission by Fusiliers.

Its actually one of the things I like about the game. You can sometimes take out huge characters with smaller units. So the game does have its odd see-saw moments but in the case of Confrontation this helps to keep the game interesting.

We both spent a lot of time forgetting about special abilities. I failed to remember that the Sentinels had Survival Instinct and Zach failed to remember that Mira had Counter-attack and Assault Fire. Still it was a fun game and I got to learn a bit about how to use the Dirz army as well as how to use the Mutagenic rule.