Weekend gaming

Well my rather impressive (edit: and rather undeserved really since I don’t know how to play 40K very well) 40K record from last month has been shot into tatters. I have only one a single match in the last two weeks including two rather crushing defeats at the hand of Jamie the resident Tau player. Mind you losing to an army with 5 crisis suits in a 400 point game isn’t difficult to understand.

It has though made me rethink my 750 point army list and I may be making some changes to it to include a Land speeder if possible. I need to have some sort of way to quickly cross the table and start to put fire onto my opponents troops so my other troops can move across the table without so much fire being placed on them. Mind you I also have a unit of bolter/heavy bolter equipped Scouts in that list as well so perhaps that will work out.

It does mean that I will be trying to test out my 750 point army before I settle on a final list.

I also managed to get a game of Confrontation in with Tony. He had a 400 point Kelt army and I tried out another variant Griffin force. I took two Thallions in the army and deployed them last in my deployment order so I was able to put them into position to attack his standard bearer and Khaelon. Not only did I manage to get in a charge on both of those figs but due to some luck on my part (and Tony rolling a 1 on a disengagement roll with Khaelon) I was able to tie up a significant portion of his force in his deployment area for the entire game. At the end of the game Khaelon and one of his Fury Warriors was still in combat with my remaining Thallion.

Damn good scouts. :-)

I also managed to remember to use the Magistrate’s dice replacement ability and even did so in a situation where my Inquisitor was able to use the dice to put in an attack that killed the Kelt force’s leader.

Once again a very good Confrontation game. I managed to pull off a win but I think that most of that had to do with the very good luck I had with my Scouts.