More Confrontation gaming

Had another Confrontation game last night with Ryan and his Orcs. I used the same Griffin force that I had on Saturday when playing Tony and his Sessairs.

Much different result. Part of the problem was my seeming inability to roll anything other than a 1 and a 2 for damage. Its bad enough doing that with your Inquisitor but it really starts to hurt when you do that after getting off a successful masterstrike with Mira. :-(

The game went well with the exception of one issue that we had crop up but we worked around it. Ryan was eventually able to roll over me with a fairly large tide of Orc Bruisers. I think I should have
followed my initial thoughts and removed the Magistrate and replaced him with some Conscripts. Anything to help slow down that horde of Orcs.

But another fine game even with my crappy dice. Once I did managed to start rolling average damage rolls with my units I did start to mow through his troops (especially my Inquisitor…ouch!) but the damage was done and Ryan overwhelmed my remaining Griffins.