War Drums

I recently purchased a starter and a few boosters in order to do a review of the latest D&D Miniatures expansion; War Drums. I had a few test games while writing the review to get a grasp of the rules and was moderately impressed with how the game played. Enough that I actually picked up a few more boosters and invited my friend Zach over to play a few games against a “live” opponent.

I’m actually quite impressed by the game. You can check put the review for my general comments but the one thing that I am finding surprising is the actual depth of the gameplay. Not only is there the metagame involved with building your warband but the rules, while very simple, do allow for some very interesting and involving gameplay.

If you haven’t checked the game out you may want to see if you can get a demo at your FLGS as it is a fun and quick fantasy skirmish game.