Busy, busy, busy.

Well that was an interesting two weeks.

The news site I am running was, at one time, hosted on Typepad. I was very happy there and everything was good. Then Typepad moved to a new data centre and started caching all RSS/RDF newsfeeds during peak traffic hours. That meant that people often didn’t see updates to my feed for four or even five hours after I posted news.

Rather defeating the point of a newsfeed if you ask me.

So after a month of them failing to admit that this was the case, not having tech support staff who could even understand what were basic questions about news feed, and being, in general, bureaucratic, evasive shits I decided to move.

So after downloading a copy of WordPress and registering a new domain I moved all the posts from the Typepad server and opened up shop in a new space.

Given how simple this was to do it makes you wonder why Typepad were such f*cks? I can export my data. I wrote some code to download all my images from Typepad and then I did a search and replace in BBEdit to change the data in the exported posts to point to images on the new server.

Dead simple.

So why antagonize your clients if it is this easy for them to move?

So now that all that is done I can get back to some gaming.