Hordes review posted

Well it took a while but I finally managed to get the whole Hordes review done and posted.

Its a pretty big review (15,000+ words) so it had to be spilt into smaller reviews. The link above is just a portal page with links to the rest of the content.

Prior to doing the review I was actually ambivalent about the game. Getting my hands on the rulebook changed that. Its an exceptional piece of work. The game itself is also very good and a very nice twist on Warmachine’s gameplay.

One thing that I did find interesting was the reading the rulebook totally changed my decision as to what factions I was playing. I always intended to play two (Trolls and Everblight initially) but after reading the Circle background and unit descriptions I was hooked.

Check out the review, as well as a nice painting article by Kelly Kim, and if you have a local store hosting an Unleashed event tomorrow go check it out.