The perils of reviewing miniature games

Well perhaps not perils in a general sense but perils in a personal sense. You see I really like wargames. And I especially like games where I can put down minis on a table and play games with them. And unlike a lot of gamers I appear to not really lack and discrimination in what genres I will play. I have 40K figs, Warmachine, Hordes, Confrontation, D&D Miniatures, Void, Warmaster, Warmaster Ancients and I have been putting off getting into 6mm Napoleonics for some time.

I just really like miniatures.

Now this makes reviewing these games tough. The only game I have played in the last few months that I didn’t like was Urban War. Unless a game is total and utter crap I am probably going to get some enjoyment out of it. And any game that bad probably wouldn’t be around long enough to make it to my desk to test and review.

I like to think of a review as less of an opinion statement than a guide by which people can make an informed purchasing decision. I can’t tell you the number of glowing reviews I have read for video games that have made me not buy a game. The authors may have loved the games but they told me enough about how well it played to allow me to know that I wouldn’t like it. Although whoever gave Sled Storm a positive review deserves to be knee capped.

A review doesn’t have to be negative to make you not want to buy a game, it just needs to be informative. And that is what I aim to do when I review games. If I see warts I like to think that I point them out.

Mind you one person’s “wart” is another person’s positive feature. Case in point, the Skorne. I really don’t like them. They are the Hordes equivalent of the Menoth faction from Warmachine. I don’t really like the Skorne minis (although Morghoul has a really great pose) and the background for them leaves me unimpressed.My friend Ryan loves them though. He loves the figs and he loves the background. And its just opinion. And there isn’t any way to escape that in a review.