Unleased event

So our FLGS has its Unleashed event today. We anly had eight players participating and from that group four of them were playing Everblight. I can safely say that I have had my fill of Shredders for the moment :-)

The only other Trollblood player left the tourney about half way through (not sure why) so I won the Trollbood medal by default. Mind you the Skorne and Circle players also won theirs be default as well.
I found it a bit odd that there were so many Everblight players since no-one seemed to be interested in them when they game was first starting to be promoted. Also odd was the fact that not a lot of people in our area appear to be playing Circle. I am building a force to use for demos and I may expand it…who am I kidding, I’ll be expanding it.

All of the games were fun except for my first game against Everblight which was a trouncing. I think I may have done better in that game if I had been able to kill one of his Shredders but I rolled a 2 for damage when the thing only had five damage circles left. That would have opened my other Impaler for a shot against a Shredder which was right in front of Lylth and I was hoping to slam the Shredder and knock Lylyth down.

I actually managed to get a lot of Critical Slams with my Impalers. And in one game I managed to slam a Carnivean twice in two consecutive turns. Certainly a nice way to keep him out of the battle.

My last game, need I say it was against an Everblight player, was truly an example of monstrously bad dice rolling. My opponent attacked my Axer with his Carnivean and it did three points of damage over five attacks. He managed to roll triple ones for three out of four attacks.

Truly epic…but not in a good way.

So the day was a pretty good learning experience. I think we all had a good time and I am certainly looking forward to more Hordes games.