Another GW poll

At the current moment the results from our latest GW pricing poll are:

Have you stopped playing GW games due to their prices?

* Yes: 42% (64)
* No: 18% (27)
* Not yet but may: 22% (34)
* Don’t play/buy GW products: 7% (11)
* Buy from eBay or online retailers: 11% (16)

Its interesting to see that nearly 20% of the respondents still play GW games regardless of the prices but if I were GW I’d be worried by the even larger number that are considering quitting GW games due to recent price increases.

Close more than 40% of the respondents (and close to half of the people who do/did play GW games) are no longer GW customers. I’m not sure how a company can bleed customers like that and still stay in business.

Especially considering that GW is still continuing with their yearly price adjustments and reviews.

Well I guess its an opportunity for companies like Mongoose and Privateer Press but one really has to wonder what GW thinks they are going to accomplish with their continuing series of price increases.