Stop me if you can guess the subject of this post

Well another day another post about Hordes.

Work progresses on the Circle Warpack. I have three three Warbeasts basecoated and am starting on the skin for Kaya. I hope to have those done by next weekend with any luck.

I assembled the second Trollblood Warlock Hoarlock Doomshaper last night. He went together quite well and looks very good. He has a long metal scroll that is supposed to lie astride the front of the base but I have poured some plaster and am making a small rock outcropping that I will use to drape the scroll over so it takes up less space but also looks a bit more natural and is less of a PITA when playing.

I used him in a game this afternoon and one of the immediate problems with a Warlock with seven Fury is that you need to force your Warbeasts even more to maintain your Fury. Which is a bt funny given that Hoarlock is a more defensive Warlock than Madrak and yet you need to be pushing and riling your Warbeasts more to make sure that he has seven Fury has turn. Yet another twist of this game.

I’m getting quite enamoured of this new game and I think that it is going to easily become a contender for my favourite game. Great figs, fun rules, an interesting game dynamic and some competitive play experiences.